Gorilla’s two-part epoxy is tough enough to resist impact, it fills gaps and is strong enough to bond steel, wood, aluminium, ceramic and more. It sets within 5 minutes and the object can be handled within 90 minutes. It is strong enough to han

This super glue is as strong as the name implies; as strong as a gorilla.  It forms an impact-resistant bond because of the Impact-Tough formula. No clamping is required, as it sets in under a minute. Gorilla Superglue dries fast and forms a str

Gorilla Wood Glue forms a stronger, faster bond for wood-to-wood applications. It is strong and durable. The special formula was created for a variety of wood surfaces. It is water-resistant, and ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It dries in

Incredibly strong adhesive for the TOUGHEST JOBS on Planet Earth Versatility:  Ideal for most household fixes and building repairs, indoor and outdoor. Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramics, foam, glass, brick, concrete and more! 100% Wat